Posture Range

The features of a Mattress Company Posture Range mattress.

The Posture is a single sided mattress suitable for budget applications.

This mattress features a 25mm quilted cover made with Dunlop foams, a 5 turn Bonnell innerspring system, Felt insulators and a 2-year warranty.

The Posture range is available in all standard sizes.


This mattress comes with a 2-year warranty.

Component Breakdown:

Bonnell Spring: The 5 turn Bonnell innerspring system is a commercial grade spring system that has well and truly stood the test of time. The spring unit has been used in the industry for over 100 years, proving its resilience and earning its place in the bedding industry.

Felt Insulators: The age old story of being poked by a spring in the middle of the night is something almost everyone has heard, the idea behind a felt pad is to eliminate the chance of this happening to you, ensuring a great night sleep every night for years to come.

Featuring Dunlop Foams: Dunlop has been in the foam industry for over 70 years and is Australia’s leading foam supplier. Employing over 2000 people, Dunlop innovates and strives to produce products of the highest quality. Partnered with Ultra-Fresh and accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Dunlop foams has solidified itself as The Mattress Company’s sole foam supplier.