About Us

About The Mattress Company

A Family owned and operated Business.

In 1978 the first generation of mattress makers in the Boesten family manufactured their first mattress.

Almost 40 years later, now fourth generation and still family owned and operated they are still market leaders in creation and design.

The Mattress Company is a well-established, innovative business with combined staff experience of over 147 year’s mattress manufacturing experience in the one place.

Our staff enjoy being able to freely offer innovative and creative ideas for new and improved designs.  As a result our staff are very loyal to the brand with some working with us for decades.

Initially starting with a basic Bonnell innerspring mattress design to now offering over 107 different models.  Still with the Bonnell innerspring but now also offering LFK, pocket spring, latex and interactive core systems.

Mattresses are constructed in 6 standard sizes and as well as caravan and boat configurations, your choice is almost endless.

We have market leading technology, systems and logistics of a multinational corporation, but are of a size that still takes pride in every piece produced. 

From the initial sale right to the day the bed moves into its new home, hotel, motel, hospital or other accommodation, all care is taken to ensure the end recipient receives an exceptional night’s sleep at an affordable price.

All mattress and base components have been sourced for durability, longevity and at the end of the day, your ultimate night’s sleep.

In our commercial range we can also manufacture to your own specific requirements if requested as well.  For both Commercial and our Domestic/home ranges we can arrange delivery Australia wide and also internationally.

Choosing a Mattress company mattress makes sound logical sense when considering construction, comfort and price.  We can show you how Mattresses’ and beds should be made!