Inner Spring

Inner Spring Mattresses

Available in 6 different groups across several different models.

The internals of a spring system mattress consists of steel springs. 

From there we add comfort foams and appropriate fabrics to create different feeling products for the customer.  

The innerspring is the centre of a mattress and provides support, levels of comfort and influences the life span of the mattress. 

Bonnell Spring Unit

The bonnell spring system is the classic spring unit which has been used for years and has definitely proven its worth.

Using hour glass shaped springs which are all connected with a helicoil wire and bordered with a strong thicker wire. This system is very reliable and is still considered  the best.

Available in 5 turn and 6 turn, all the spring units used by The Mattress Company are the most reliable and reasonably priced, whilst providing excellent support and comfort.

NOTE: All our innerspring mattress are two sided for maximum life expectancy and prolonged comfort.