Forestex TM


Eight simple reasons we support Forestex™ at The Mattress Company: 

  1. Forestex™ fabrics are constructed with yarns that derive from wood pulp which is a renewable resource and is biodegradable
  2. A considerable part of the wood pulp comes from dead wood found in the forest, pruning wood (not round wood from the main stems of the trees),  manufacturing wood-waste or wood from sustainably managed forests, where new trees are planted for every one that is harvested
  3. Forestex™ fabrics have a COOL, silky touch making them luxurious
  4. Forestex™ yarns have an inherent natural luster that brings fine jacquard patterns to life
  5. Forestex™ fabrics are constructed using cellulosic yarns that are highly breathable and have good moisture absorption
  6. The wood pulp yarn production process was invented in 1884 in France and named "artificial silk"
  7. Bekaert Textiles has used wood pulp yarns since 1892 to produce exquisite Belgian damasks
  8. Forestex™ is ?kotex 100 certified