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Choosing The Best Mattress

Manufacturers and retailers emphasise that the only way to choose one that’s right for you is to go out and lie on as many as possible. If you’re going to spend eight hours a day in the bed for the next 10 years or more, it’s worth putting in some time to get one you’re really happy with.


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Posture Perfect

Double sided Mattress, Damask Cover

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Posture Deluxe

Double sided Mattress, Natural Cotton Cover

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The Dove Collection

Double sided Mattress, Real Silk TM Fabric

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Natural Elements Collection

Double sided Mattress, Bamboo and also Organic Cotton Fabrics available

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The Indulgence Collection

Double sided Mattress, TencelTM, Adaptive® and SeaqualTM technology

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The Opulence Collection

Double sided Mattress, PurotexTM (includes Cashmere) Fabric

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Our Toppers Collection

Latex (98% pure) in Soft and Medium

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