Caravan, Boats & Motorhomes

When buying a leisure vehicle, the comfort of the mattress inside is often an afterthought.

If you're unhappy with your current bedding situation, drop in and see us in one of our three locations. We'll custom tailor a mattress to your needs and those of your getaway machine.

Odd sizes are somewhat of a specialty at The Mattress Company. 

Odd sized mattresses, cut corners or tapering sides are easily over come to allow you to get the best night sleep on a mattress that suits you personally. 

We can make a mattress to virtually any shape or size to fit any home away from home

Do you have a unique size or shape bed?

Like people, beds come in all different shapes and sizes.

Do you have a unique size or shape bed? 

Here at The Mattress Company we can build a bed to suit you, whether you need a longer bed to accomodate your extra height, or a wider bed just for more room between you and your partner, we are able to help.

Being the only factory on the Sunshine Coast which manufactures mattresses and ensembles we can make virtually anything, whether you need an extra long bed, cot mattress, cut off corners to fit a room or bed frame or an odd shape, the chances are that we can do it.

It's simple. Carefully measure the size the mattress needs to be, bring a picture or template for any odd sized corners or unique bed shapes and visit our showroom and choose one that you find comfortable and leave it with the team.