Commercial Bedding

A poor quality sleep can earn you a tired reputation.

Hotels are defined by their quality of service, and the quality of their rooms. 

But without a good night's sleep your guests won't leave with fond memories of your hotel.

A good bed helps create a good night sleep, and therefore leaves your customers happy and refreshed for their next day, this justifies a good bed as a worthy investment, yet buying a quality bed does not have to be difficult or expensive.

The purchasing of a mattress can be compared to that of purchasing a car; there are hundreds of different brands and models, all ranging in price, quality and comfort. Being a preferred industry supplier, you can rest assured that all mattress company products come standard with high quality materials to deliver an amazing new standard of comfort, all without a high price tag.


Here at The Mattress Company we believe in delivering the highest standard of product, designed to give long life and superior comfort for the life of the mattress.

That's why we use two sided mattresses in our commercial range of bedding.

Two sided mattresses, when flipped and rotated correctly will double the life of the mattress, and ensure continued comfort for years after the purchase of the mattress.

Without delving too deeply into the components that make up a mattress, the most important thing to look for when viewing mattresses is the level of quality.  This does not necessarily mean the mattress has to be expensive; it just has to have good quality components on the inside, such as the spring system. We strongly recommend looking for a mattress with a Bonnell type spring system, a proven strong, long lasting design.

All mattress company products couple a Bonnell spring system with a quality padding configuration featuring the superior comfort of Dunlop Foams, ensuring a lasting, comfortable product.

All mattress company products couple a Bonnell spring system with a quality padding configuration featuring the superior comfort of Dunlop Foams, ensuring a lasting, comfortable product.

Be cautious of anybody who cannot tell you what's in the mattress. 

If the manufacturer can give a good explanation of what’s in the mattress and how the components work, then you can determine the level of quality within the product.  It’s what’s inside that effectively illustrates the level of quality and if the salesmen cannot explain what is in the product then how are you to know if you are buying a quality product?  Another important thing when looking at a mattress is to make sure there is sufficient padding over the springs.  You shouldn’t be able to see or feel the springs through the top of the mattress.

Bedding configuration and safety

Today, there are numerous bedding options available that will allow you to configure your guest rooms in more ways than one, such as long single mattresses that can be jointed by a zip. You can change the configuration of your room easily and quickly from two singles to one king size.. These long singles offer total flexibility. 

Fire retardant fabrics and padding are extremely important, as are the pest resistant treatments that are available.

Mattress Bases & Ensembles

The next step in outfitting a room is a base for the mattress to sit on. Bases come in all different shapes and sizes, but at the end of the day all they are designed to do is hold the mattress off the floor, all the comfort of the bed comes from the mattress. A solid base is ideal for any type of mattress, whether it is a sprung, latex or foam mattress. Also on the market are sprung bases, these bases contain a spring unit lowering the level of support for your mattress all while adding additional cost to the ensemble.

Buying a well made quality base is going to outlast several mattresses.  If you buy something of good quality to start with, then the price of future upgrades is reduced. Over the years castors under the base may break, but are easily replaced with only a small cost. Keep in mind a base is also the least expensive part of your ensemble.

The long-term investment in bedding

A quality mattress will ensure your guests enjoy a good night’s sleep and you will enjoy the financial benefit of a long-life, trouble free product.  And best of all you will have a much better chance of your customers coming back again and again.